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 Why sound healing?

 Sound healing is a form of vibrational medicine working on the principal that all matter including our cells and organs vibrate at a precise frequency when healthy and a dissonant frequency when unhealthy. 


Different sounds can change patterns, thought forms and emotions.


Discover below how healing sounds benefit and improve  your health



 Healing Sounds

Native Drums
                  Drums are  aligned to your physical body;                       going deep and finding blocked energy;  moving, shifting and allowing you to let go of things that no longer serve you any purpose.   Very grounding and empowering.
Himalayan Bowls

                     These ancient instruments                           allow you to move into a                              higher frequency, dissolve blockages and help prevent same patterns taking root and  encourage a change in consciousness.

                      Tuning Forks are a gateway for healing and higher consciousness, helping your body tone and bring your nervous system into balance.
Tuning Forks
Crystal Singing Bowls

                      Our entire body is made of a crystalline structure, even our DNA, causing it to resonate and respond to extraordinary frequencies associated with crystal quartz.  The bowls create an awakening within us and transform everything into light.

                      Gongs are all tones                                       coming together like a rolling wave bringing pranic healing.   They affect you on a physical, mental and spiritual level cleansing, 

purifying, removing worries, fears

or any obstacles. They help you to find your power, authority and confidence.


Rainsticks soothe and cleanse, bringing peace and balance and

harmony.  They can act

as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual.


The perfect harmonies of the Koshi chimes bring a purity, glow and joy to our body mind.



Susan and Helen held a sound bath using drums, Himalayan Bowls, crystal singing bowls chimes and rainsticks, taking all of us on an incredible journey, it was deeply profound, powerful and healing.  I felt light and joyful for many days afterwards. We all are making this a regular practice  

Georgie Manners

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